Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Predictions for Season 6 of Lost

Okay, those of you who saw last night's Lost season finale are probably still reeling from one of the most adrenaline-charged finale's the show has ever given us. [I would warn you of spoilers, but, honestly, if you haven't seen it yet, you either don't really love it or you shouldn't be looking at blog posts about it.] In past season finales, the first hour has been very slow, insignificant, all build-up to the more thrilling second hour. From the opening scene, however, this one gave us reveals, action, critical confrontations, and more.
How much more? How about the long-overdue scrap between Sawyer and Jack where the whiny, daddy-issues-laden doc got the tar kicked out of him (with a whopping crotch kick, no less)? How about the sudden and then abundant revelation of Jacob, not as a grisled old apparition in a cabin but as a flesh and blood, and even saintly, immortal guy? How about multiple shootouts between Team Jack and the Dharma Initiative? Jack even tried to gun down Uncle Rico, I mean, Ben's father. And it all ended-infuriatingly, I might add- with a mortally wounded Juliette whacking Jughead with a lava rock and the whole thing going kablooey. Boom! The end.
I know, I'm still recovering. But I do want to take this opportunity to go out on a limb and submit my predictions on the sixth and concluding season of Lost (yes, it shakes me to my core just to write those words):
Prediction #1: With the death of Jacob at Ben's hands, choas has just been unleashed on the Island. The final conflict will center around taking down the guy wearing Locke's skin.
Prediction #2: The Ajira folks are Jacob-followers. The Others, especially Ben, have been taking orders from the wrong guy (i.e. the guy who has been trying to kill Jacob). This same guy has been using Locke's issues the whole time to bring him in as his corporeal host.
Okay, other than that, I'm clueless on how this thing will end. What will happen with the '77 crew and the bomb? Will things reset? If so, how will it happen?
Share your predictions (if you dare, this early)...

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