Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The J.J. Abrams Binge and Impending Drought

For J.J. Abrams acolytes, like myself, this week is a virtual feast, so much so that I move to have this week renamed Abramsfest in the annals of our civilization. No, seriously. Last week, we were treated to Abrams’ Star Trek. Tonight, we will see the season finale of his TV series Fringe- and what a funny, morbid, intriguing first season it has been! Then, to top it all off, Lost’s awesome fifth season comes hurtling to a close tomorrow night. I almost can’t contain myself… uh, I said almost.
Is there anyone else out there who can’t concentrate at work, home, or church because of this crazy Abrams binge (which rhymes with Fringe coincidentally)? Does anyone else have so many theories swirling in their heads they can’t drive properly?
On the downside, this binge has me fearing the impending cut-off of the Abrams awesomeness. What will I do with my time or my brain for that matter?
I don’t want to think about that too much. Let’s just enjoy this deluge of Abrams awesomeness while it lasts!

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