Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Awards Season in Full Swing... Avatar Dominates

Usually, awards shows are quick to dismiss sci-fi and fantasy stuff. They grudgingly gave Peter Jackson the Oscars he deserved after three incredibly well-made LOTR movies, and even then it was to keep their ratings up. That's why, honestly, I'm surprised that everyone is talking so early about Avatar's status as an Oscar frontrunner. I am even more surprised that Avatar walked away with a Golden Globe for Best Picture.

I am not surprised that Avatar is recognized as an incredible feat of cinema. If you've read my review, you know that I think Avatar is the most paradigm-shifting piece of filmmaking I've seen since Return of the King. Rather, I am surprised that the powers that be in Hollywood are recognizing it as such. That they are willing to put aside their arthouse preferences to recognize larger than, popcorn-chomping, blockbuster entertainment.

Anyway, here's hoping that Avatar takes the whole thing come Oscar Night. Here's hoping Cameron, with all his insane visionary talent, his serviceable screenwriting ability, and his megalomaniac sensiblities, can stand up once again and proclaim himself King of the World.

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